About Michèle Battut

Michèle Battut

It is necessary to follow with the biggest interest Michèle Battut’s intention, where are reflected, unite and sometimes fight, all the currents which, after the tyranny of the abstract try to return the world to the painting.

Jean Paul SARTRE

Michèle Battut’s painting tries to get the most imperceptible: the dream landscape. Same architecture, the same colors; and especially even atmosphere as in the dreamlike vision. Everything takes place as in childhood: we are not more than what we see. We are there, and at the same time we are not there. We say ourselves: ” it is thus true? ” And nevertheless that is not it.
Because we know well it: the life, the world do not look like that. Only here is: in Michèle Battut’s paintings, they seem all to be it. By not being it.

Irène FRAIN – Writer and Journalist

It was yesterday. Michèle Battut painted Paris from the heights of Monparnasse. Roofs, garrets, the river Seine. Notre-Dame lost in this maze of streets where Paris formed, found its soul: a painting which amazed us then. Everywhere worldwide, she was moved of a shade, a light, a glance. And she painted: she painted in satisfaction all that the sun lights: then appeared the most beautiful harvests, the most beautiful fruits of the world, and she offered them to us .

Georges CHEYSSIAL – Member of the Institute

Michèle BATTUT was named Official Painter of French Navy
by order of Minister of Defence
on July 18th, 2003.