Michèle Battut's painting attempts to capture the most elusive: the dream landscape.
The same architecture, the same colors: And especially the same atmosphere as in a vision of the dreamworld.
Everything happens as in childhood : you are but what you see. 
We're here, and at the same time not here. We say to ourselves, "Is this real? » 
And yet it is not.

Because we know very well: life, the world doesn't look like that.
But that's exactly it : in Michèle Battut's paintings things do seem like that.
Exactly by not being that.

The result is a trembling, a dizziness.
And this new question: how on earth does she succeed in making us believe in the touch of this silk,  
in the anger of that stormy sky, better still, in the smell of the clouds?  

There is no answer, never will be. Only this strange dizziness. 
So we ourselves become like what she has just painted.
Fixed, ourselves, in the canvas - without knowing why.

Irene Frain, 
writer and journalist,
for the book "Voyages" Battut,
Jean-Pierre Delvilles Publishing